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The Caveman Code

Nikko Norte running
Running for the bear transparant.png

Cheerful, healthy, slim, muscled, and able to outrun a cave bear at any time. Is that still possible in the third millennial? It is possible. Even for those among us who neglected their health for a long time.


To be as healthy as our ancestors once were! An easily achieved goal for anyone who picks up the caveman code and unhurriedly strives to transform into a modern caveman. There is, however, a catch. To transform into a modern caveman requires some knowledge, some time, and … some discipline. One thing is certain: the caveman code works and proposes a shipload of fun.

And the difference with other promises to achieve improved health and weight loss, from Atkins, via Montignac and paleoconcepts to Weight Watchers? Try them! In two, three or fifteen years time, the caveman code is still an option.


The caveman code is not a miracle method or a wonder diet. The caveman code is a nowadays application, on all aspects of life, of the lifestyle of our ancestors – fit as fiddles – the lifestyle our body is genetically coded for. Some discipline is essential during the process of transforming into a modern caveman, but soon enough our genetic coding takes over, and the life of a modern caveman reveals its advantages.


Step by step, aspiring modern cavemen implement changes into their lives. Slowly, but without pause, they notice themselves gaining health and getting stronger, and they will lose weight without worrying about it. Aspiring modern cavemen no longer think about losing weight. They don’t count calories or work themselves into a sweat on a cross trainer twice a week. Instead, they embrace the challenge of changing their lifestyle, which only a few months into the future makes them feel reborn …


The book The Caveman Code will be available next autumn.

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