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Training in a cave

Sarcopenia, the age-related loss of our muscle mass, is an underestimated phenomenon that takes a toll on our health if we don't take timely action to prevent it. Another thing that adversely affects our health is poor fitness and lack of regular leisurely exercise.


Modern cavemen, female or male, to avoid sarcopenia affecting the quality of their lives, regularly engage in resistance training, say bodybuilding, which, by the way, is fun. That apart, they perform some simple exercises on a daily basis that guarantee their flexibility whit time passing, and they exercise in a way that is relaxed and enjoyable but still safeguards their ability to outrun a cave bear at every stage of their lives.


Resistance training and the exercise we need to remain fit is not complicated and it doesn't take loads of time. Watch some of the accompanying clips and discover how much fun it is to exercise like a modern caveman – and how much result it yields.


Happy training, Nikko

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